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Yanderes! Various Females x Male Reader [ Requests are CLOSED! ]

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Been creating Yandere stories since 2019. I still see myself as an amateur when it comes to story telling. If you're interested in longer stories with an interesting approach, this may be for you.

Welcome to the Yandere book, where the reader will be placed in very strange and incredibly dangerous situations. There will be a bit of in some stories. As a reminder, Yanderes are no stranger to NTR. Be prepared for some crazy and very twisted adventures. Please note, there will be happy endings and there will also be bad endings ; )

Disclaimer : This is strictly a Yandere only book! During this very time, requests are CLOSED. Do not bother to ask for me to take in your request.
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Y/n L/n was your average college student. He was nothing special and was just doing his best to get through college and get a job. But if there was one thing that wasn't so normal about him, was his obsession with video games. To be more specific, one particular game called Nier Automata. He loved every single thing about the game. The characters, the settings, the music, the story. Everything. But what happens when the most unexpected thing happens? What happens when characters from the game appear in his very own home?


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Lisa is a student in YG University, an ordinary yet a mysterious one. It's her second year as a Photography student. Everything is looking good, but it isn't. She's a constant target of Jennie Kim to be bullied. Jennie, the daughter of the owner of YG University, has all the power to do everything she wants to do and have everything she wants to have. Added with her ethereal beauty and alluring eyes, everybody kneels for her. Whether on adoration, or in slavery. ~~ Then, Lisa Manoban did something for vengeance. Lisa thought she, at last, got back on Jennie. But instantly, she received more than something making her wish that if she could just take back the time, she wouldn't do such thing. She kissed the Queen and because of that kiss, Jennie craves Lisa. She wants all of her. Because of that one kiss, Lisa reaped more than she can bargain. It all STARTED WITH A KISS. ** Lisa G!P Jentop Warning: SMUT everywhere! Most impressive ranking: #1 jenlisa #1 blackpink


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Y/n is a innocent a small little high school boy but he is going to realize that there are some girls that want to keep him for themselves what will his life entail?


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(If I had to learn about this wretched NTR, I'm taking anyone else who sees this with me. You suffer with me.) Mutasim Lycan. A boy that is described in few ways. A loner, moody, quiet, etc. But when he finds his childhood friend, who made a promise that they would get married, having sex with another man right in front of him, he loses all grips on sanity, slowly driving him into a maniac. Let's see how he copes with his new self who just can't seem to stop smiling and can't stop laughing. (Slightly inspired by Mhablackhero's Ntr hitman)


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Y/N arrives at Hebijo Academy after being forced to switch shinobi schools due to a unfortunate circumstance, joining the ranks of the elite shinobi of the school Y/N begins to uncover a unique power, never before seen in a shinobi. Guided by Suzune and the Hebijo squad to sharpen this power what hights could it ascend to? I do not own Senran Kagura or any photographs used in this book and all rights go to the origional creators at Marvelous all character cards are being taken from the senran kagura wiki Edit: As of book 4 characters from the Taimanin universe make appearances, I do not own Taimanin all rights go to their original creators and all images are taken from the Wiki


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It's the re-start of this book. since the last one got deleted I'm re-writing and reposting the chapters that were deleted, It's a mix of Yandere Series and Yandere Files.


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It was another day for the wandering man known as Y/N who does various small and odd jobs to make a living for himself. He never considered working in a company, and never will due to the vast freedom of choices without the commitment for company loyalty. Or that's what he thought before one day, he took a job as an uber eats driver when he got a seemingly normal order to deliver to a Whole Foods corporate building entrance. But what he didn't expect was that the order was for Elizabeth Hilton, the CEO of Whole Foods. Y/N thought that was a surprise for him but it turned out to be more than that for her when she began to feel unexplained feelings towards him as she ordered more from him and it soon turned strange and dark. It doesn't help that the same effect happens to other CEOs who Y/N meets throughout his adventures. What will happen? Will Y/N find out about this sooner before it is too late? "Why can't you see that I am doing this for you, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for us to be one.~"