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When a bitter girl fall inlove

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Babaeng napaka bitter ang aksidenteng maiinlove sa may ari ng paaralang kanyang pinapasukan
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[BEING RE-WRITTEN RN] Book one in the D'Angelo Series What happens when two worlds of arrogance meet? Bella is the dream of any man, tall, beyond gorgeous. People say beauty is dangerous, but the power Bella has in her mind is worse. She runs her business empire alone, she's number one and she'd do anything to stay there. Ace is a arrogant heir to the Italian mafia. He needs a queen to take his place as king, what happens in one elevator ride where he decides he wants Bella and only Bella. What happens in that one elevator ride that Bella wants to destroy him? In Aces mind its simple. Force her into a marriage. But everything doesn't go his way... .......... "I will fuck you against this desk for everyone to hear if you don't shut that pretty mouth of yours," he pauses and looks at me, a small smirk making its way onto his lips, his hand on my thigh moving higher by the slightest bit. "But you'd probably like that wouldn't you?" He asks with a light scoff and I roll my eyes before turning my head to face the other way. I hate when he's right. .......... Highest rankings so far Reached #1 in love Reached #1 in snarky Reached #1 in Mafia Reached #1 in business Reached #1 Don Reached #1 Romance Reached #1 Rich Reached #1 Power


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Minsan na siyang nasaktan. Minsan na siyang nabigo. Minsan na siyang nagmahal ng sobra na nauwi lang sa wala. Paano siya susubok na magbukas para sa iba kung minsan nang sinayang ang kaniyang tiwala? Can someone break the ice of her frozen heart? Subaybayan ang pakikibaka ni Mitch para sa kaniyang buhay pag-ibig!


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COVER AIN'T MINE the title say it all I DO : Lemon Smut Fluff Angst Family au's Friendships Poly relationships Harems and more Request are{ open.... But may take a while} I will do any type except for kids × adult(in a bad/sexual way!!) and more! If you like any character inform me and I'll take the request no matter the character! BUT NOT ROYS UNCLE 😰


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Welcome to book 2 pinky's♥ Pinkylian♥


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imagines of the outerbanks boys. requests are closed! updates may be slow. {SOME CHAPTERS ARE UNDER EDITING} (a lot of taylor swift references <3)


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When Apollo and Atlas took a break from their 'business' to visit home, they were expecting some time to relax, maybe catch up with people they haven't seen for a while. What they didn't expect was to find a hidden gem in the place they once called home. Innocent Saturn, despite the unfair life she was given in the past, has 'mostly' overcome her hardships, minus the leftover anxiety and panic attacks. Living with her Nonna, having the most perfect life she deserves. What does she do when her routine gets twisted when strangers come to visit? Boyxboyxgirl. LIGHT BDSM.


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Starting her second year of college as a literature major student, Nevaeh Violet was all alone, no friends or family to support her. Having gotten a scholarship to study, she's never been more grateful. Bouncing from foster home to the other, Violet never fit in, she's too shy and nice for her own good. Being all alone, she never got to experience love and care. Being called a freak because of her unique colored eyes, Violet suffers from anxiety and PTSD from past events making Violet struggle to make friends. *** Five mafia kings, all searching for their queen. 'The Rulers' as people call them, have all been searching for their one. They aren't related by blood, but they treat each other as such. They aren't brothers by blood, but by choice. They've known each other since diapers, they've killed and got hurt for each other. They're the most dangerous mafias to ever exist for their brutal ways and ruthless looks. They share everything, ever since they were young, as teenagers they all made a pact that they'll share the one once they find her. But after coming empty handed after searching for years, they decide to act as professors and see if they find the one. What happens when they meet innocent and broken Violet? Will they be able to fix her broken heart or will it be too late? Violet is an orphan, or is she? Read to find out!!! Book covers and aesthetics by _navy_bluee_ *** # 1 anxiety attacks # 1 polyamory # 1 reverse harem # 1 kings # 1 daddies # 1 care # 1 18plus


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Liam and Cindy is a couple that decided to become an independent at Thier young age without the help of thier parents and relatives , they live in a condominium and study in a private school. They both have a part time job but it's not enough to compensate Thier tuition and other things. Cindy decided to sell her perfect boyfriend to earn extra income to earn money for thier future. Boyfriend for sale Open 24/7. Anytime, Anywhere. Size: Extra Large. Pay first before Action. Any position will do it depends on the rent.