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Welcome to demon school Iruma x Male reader

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Well welcome to demon school Iruma kun!

(Y/n) the eldest son of a duke acts a little too feminine for his fathers taste gets sent to the human world with his most loyal friend/ servant he meets a boy who is around his age but working. They hang out and he finds out the boys name is Iruma! Iruma tells them they can live with him and after a year the duke wants (Y/n) back in the demon world. Iruma forgets about his childhood friend but when he's older and gets taken to the demon world will he meet his childhood friend again? I mean Yk the answer

Welcome to demon school Iruma kun characters and show do not belong to me.

This is (Y/n) X Iruma FYI

I wanted to make this cus I haven't seen any male reader for this anime here so I said fine I'll do it myself. This will be following the anime not Manga cus I haven't found the manga so yea.
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"'re shoving the food in your mouth again... " (M/N) is Iruma's younger twin brother. All (M/N) wants is one day where there's no trouble around his brother. Now that the twins have been sold off to a demon, what will happen now?... *Disclaimer: Harem will be available for both genders (or others)* Note: Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun does NOT belong to me, but it belongs to Osamu Nishi. There also might be some spoilers from the manga. ANOTHER NOTE: *VERY* SLOW UPDATES


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The balance between the two uppermoon- well, three uppermoon six. The middle child- the one and only- [M/N]; demon of serpentine and scales. (NOTE: if you find this story of Quotev under the name: Sweet @ThatAnnoeyingBuzzing that's my Quotev account :) ) (DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, may get a rewrite idk 🤷‍♀️)


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The story of a half-ghoul who got accepted into UA and tries to find his place in this world. I don't own the cover art, mha and Tokyo ghoul, and the characters.


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Hated by his family he was killed but not without a fight but as he dies he wakes up in another world, what will he do will he go in the right path or the wrong path read and find out (not good at descriptions) also this is my first book I'm writing so pls point out stuff I can fix and make it better


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".... I like you..." He said with a blush on his cheeks as the sakura blossoms fell down between the two males. [Name] was shocked at the sudden confession, he gulped as a heavy weight was lift off his shoulder as he had a small smile on his face. He was quiet making the male who confessed nervous, he fiddled with his hands. "... [Name]?" He said finally looking at the male and was surprised to see M/N smiling at him with red hues on his cheek. "... I like you too." ------- Many people fell in love with him, but not as harder as the 14 males. They fall deeper for him, they want to be with him forever. They were addicted with his affection, the way he smiles, the way he talks. Everything about him was addicting to them. 14 males were in love with him, they competed with each other for his affection and love. Who will M/N choose? (Yandere Simulator Genderbend)


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being chosen by one of the gods, is not something you see everyday. it's not common. Y/n, who just wants to be a magic knights for fun, accidently makes everyone falls in love with him without him even knowing. even if he smiles all the time. he still has his own dark past. no one knows where he really comes from. no one. except the four siblings. who're the enemies to the world. is he related to them? who knows. black clover is not mine, belongs to Yūki Tabata. but this so called book, is rightfully mine. plagiarism is a crime. please do not copy anything from this book. if you want to make a book that is inspired from this book, please do ask for my permission. and for those, who are expecting the mc will be straight, i am sorry, but he's a homosexual. before you come at me by saying "the black clover casts aren't gay" shut up. this is my BOOK, i can do whatever i want with it. so get a life. the update schedule is non-existent, but surely, i will update this book frequently. don't worry, i will never put this book on discontinued. i will put this book on hiatus IF something that i cannot avoid happens. i'm still a human. i'm sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes. english is not my first language but it is my favourite subject. so i will try my best to write this book without any grammatical errors. but, feel free to correct it if there's any. this is a black clover various x MALE reader. of course, as an angst lover, i will write angst too. enjoy!. starts: 3/9/2022 ends: ? 🥇1 - blackcloverxmalereader 🥇1 - blackclovervariousxreader 🥇17 - luck


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"""" First day attending the elite Itan Private High School, well this should be very overwhelming. """" Wanna find out more about this story? Then why not give it a read! """" · Started: 22 · 10 · 2021 · Ended: ?? · ?? · ???? · Published: 23 · 10 · 2021 """" ❕ RANDOM updates ❕ VERY VERY SLOW updates """" ✉️ Book cover is made by m̶̨̈́e̵̪̓ """" || I do not own Komi Can't Communicate || || I only own my original characters || || male insert || || Credits to the original artists for the amazing artworks that may be in this book|| """" Author from Wattpad - SolarStar_Eclipse If you are reading this from another platform, then you're reading a stolen version


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SEQUEL TO DUPLICITY. Complicity- to be involved with others in illegal activity or wrongdoing. After sacrificing herself for Harry's freedom, Aven Brooks is no longer the innocent photographer with big dreams and a bigger heart. Now under the notorious control of Malikai, she becomes brainwashed into being the perfect asset for his organized crime. Harry, a fugitive, spends his days trying to find his angel and reap her out the path he once walked. When that stroke of luck comes his way, he smacks into the harsh reality to what she's actually become. Needless to say, she's no longer an angel. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO @HAPPYDAYS1D ALLOWING NO TRANSLATIONS. CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE, SEXUAL CONTENT, DRUG USE, VIOLENCE, AND MENTAL HEALTH. READ AT OWN RISK!


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This is interesting My first Spy×Family Fanfic WARNING: THIS FANFICTION MATERIALS ARE MORE ON S×F FOCUSED SO, MOST CAST ON MOB PSYCHO DOESN'T APPEAR IN HERE (BECAUSE I THOUGHT THEY'RE IRRELEVANT) This inspired me to make this story because of the show and the writer who in my eyes also made this story happen Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid x Male Mob Psycho by SuperSodaPie available on Wattpad Currently Twilight aka Loid Forger is currently on a Secret Mission Codename 'Strix' to stop Ostania's Evil Plans to Westalis and making sure to gather info and secure the Peace around the nation. to do that he needs to be a father. and also make sure around him doesn't know his true intentions and identity Yor, Yor Briar is a High Class Grade Assasin, Codename Thorn Princess, has a Extravagant fetish of Murdering Her target that she can make her target Feel Death without Pain, She must not reveal any of that information, for right now she has to act as a Loving and Caring mother Anya, Anya Forger, an Adopted Kid by Loid Forger, also a Mind Reader. A kid that was helped by Mob, and was once living in a Awful Adoption Home, now lives properly as a true Kid in a Family, she must not reveal any information about her powers or it will jeopardize her status. So far only Y/N and she knew both of their abilities Y/N, Y/N Forger, an advanced Skilled Psychic, unlike Anya, Y/N Forger is extremely Powerful than her and has ultra-wide array of Esper abilities. He was an experiment similar to Anya, but he also has a dark secret behind him that sometime haunt at the back of his head. He can't reveal his ability to Yor, Loid and anyone else except Anya. Four People in a Living apartment, can they succeed the mission and securing Peace all parts of the world? Find out! This story is in Public Domain Act to freely use references and to avoid legal issues I do not own these franchises.