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Waiting for yOu [ Zawgyi + Unicode ]

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Mark × Bam Bam from Got7
MarkBam Myanmar Fan Fic 💚
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She was into neonatal and fetal. He was into plastics. She was quiet. He was loud. She was sweet. He was arrogant. And yet he was attracted to her not only in the way she loved what she did but how she handled everything with such grace that it was almost unimaginable. They say as doctors you're supposed to expect the unexpected and to never say never. But what happens when the unexpected happens to the most arrogant doctor, Mark Sloan? Cover by the amazing @voidsteffy [seasons two to ten] started: november 19, 2020 ended: I only own my oc's TRANSLATIONS: Portuguese - @sassaweisheimer


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•Lalisa Pranpriya Manoban A Cold hearted twenty five year old Chairwoman and CEO of a multi billionaire company known as LM. and the owner of prestigious universities in South Korea. Lalisa Graduated as Summa Cum Laude with the average of 4.0 GPA in Oxford University in England. •Jennie Ruby Jane Kim A 'softie' twenty two year old Bad Bitch who rules the whole university. She's the school president, queen bee, cheerleader and the top student with tons of achievements since her sophomore year. Students in LM University knows that Jennie Ruby Jane is the school pride. But what will happen if they both end up being possessive? "i will not hesitate to kill everyone just to make sure she's all mine" -LISA "whoever tries to steal her away from me will face death" -JENNIE WARNING! G!P⚠️ reminder before reading: •english is not my first language so you might encounter grammatical errors and some misspelled words while reading. STARTED: September 27, 2021 ENDED: -- -- -- (on going)


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Lisa is in her final year as a college student. After she graduate she will take over her family business with her beloved wife. Not to mention her wife is also her Professor. They have been married for almost 5 years now..., they got married while still in highschool. Will Lisa enjoy her final year as a college student knowing her wife is her professor? What if some people will come into their lives and try to break there marriage? Will they overcome every obstacle that comes into their way? Or will their life be special because of the bond they share. Friendship Loyalty Love Respect Fame Joe Joe mama Read to find out <3


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When a female is delivered right to his door step, Cain finds himself stuck between wanting to throw her away into the wild and wanting to keep her for himself. Alaric is no better from Cain. A part of him wanted to sit and watch their relationship burn to the ground while the other was stuck from wanting her. Find out how the weakest species out there manages to bring both worlds together while shattering them all at the same time. Formerly known as: To Love A Beast ( The fluffy version )