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Sweet Rhapsodies - [H.S.] One Shots

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A little collection of one shots and short stories, some with have plot and some won't, either way smut is guaranteed.

mix of all different plot lines, this is not a continuous story, each will have a different mc and such!


(this is mainly for in between Cover updates, go read that if you haven't already!)
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At the age of 31 Alpha Kane Locus Black had given up on looking for his mate, since the age of 18 it was all he wanted, now at 31 he was cold, scary and distant Alpha to his pack. Until he meets Sora. His little human mate. * Book 1 of the Alpha series *


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"Take this opportunity run away as far as you can without a thought to look back on, Maya this is your chance" ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ ❃ ✪ Maya Townes Bernadette's soul purpose in life was to go above and beyond. Always steering away from being outsmarted only to outsmart one herself. She loved her siblings and strived to keep them safe at all times. She had no other choice. In the midst of beginning to live the 'free life', she lands in the lap of the tattooed hippie with no desire to welcome her with open arms. A story of a hippie boy who teaches a girl to make love and not war but doesn't live by it himself...


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A collection of one shots and short stories including Harry Styles. *This stories contain explicit and mature content* +18 only


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"Are you going to kill me," I whispered, feeling a single tear roll down my face. He stopped his actions, running a hand over his face as he chuckled. My heart was thumping against my chest in fear as his moods changed so quickly. His laugh sent a shiver down my spine as he looked to the ceiling, an ominous grin on his face. He wouldn't kill me, right? Harry kept the smile on his face, turning to face me. I watched in anguish as he fished through his pockets, pulling out two knives and a pistol. Instead of using the items, he tossed them to the side, not once breaking eye contact "No, baby. I'm not going to kill you," I sighed in relief at his words, leaning my head back against the wall. Not allowing me the satisfaction of alleviation, he spoke again, his words leaving me more unsettled than before. "But you're going to wish I had." /// "I had a few got drunk on you and now I'm wasted." She was drunk on him. His medicine was her. Madison is a 21 year old Cosmetologist. When she finds herself as the new stylist for a world renowned band, she signs up for more than she knows; A fatal love story between her and Harry Styles. A twist on the classic enemies to lovers story, with more to love than to hate. ________________________________________ MATURE CONTENT credits @watermelxnsugarx


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When Harry and his friends go on a trip to celebrate a bachelor party and have no idea how deeply the trip will affect them, even in the years to come. Harry styles, 23 year old man who's had his life planned out for him the second he came out of the womb. His job, his lifestyle, and his wife. It all comes crumbling down when one late night spent at a sex club, seduction, turns into an early morning with the most amazing woman he's ever met; Layana. Layana Michelle, a 22 year old woman who's had nothing but opstscles thrown her way as she's merrily tried to survive. Her days used to consist of allowing others to live out their fantasy's in the comfort of her job, giving them a safe space to be themselves as she fought her own battles behind a mask. While now she's given up the act, finally trying to find real happiness as she works on herself and overcoming every hurdle she's been faced with before. She soon realizes that her sore, open heart maybe isn't the best option for her as it leave her vulnerable and unable to control her emotions the way she used to. What happens when both their worlds collide and they have no choice but to interact? Is the spark still there? Or is all lost when they soon realize that they don't know the true identity of each other with the mask off? Recommend for ages 18+ Started: December 26th , 2022 Ended: January 21st, 2023


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Sex, Vegas, Strippers. When Harry Styles heads to his favorite nighttime fix and locks eyes with a new dancer. We've all heard of love at first sight, but what happens after you've blinked? - You've begged me for more of this one shot, so here's a short story. Thank you for the love and support !! WARNING: MATURE AND SEXUAL CONTENT DARKRRY VIBES WITH A SOFTRRY HARRY


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**CONTAINS MATURE & EXPLICITE LANGUAGE** Sequel to 'Hurricane' Vol.1 "Do you want to play a dangerous game?" __ "Do you think everything I told you was a lie?" Harry asked pressing his body to mine as I felt my skin burn as his fingers traced up my arm, lightly and teasing. He already had me in the palm of his hand. "I can't trust you anymore..."I whispered. I watched his eyes flash with hurt before it was replaced with anger, his hand curling around my neck squeezing it tightly pulling me forward our noses bumping into each other as he exhaled. I was feeling light headed by his presence, his hands were a drug that made me feel out of touch with reality. "I guess I'll have to show much I meant my words" Harry brushed his lips with mine "Would you let me?" I can't promise that'll make good decisions this time, my self preservation and lack of control went out the door as soon as he walked in looking at me with those eyes. . . . . "Tell me you love me even if it's a lie" *** BOOK STARTED JANUARY 8 2022 COMPLETED -TO BE DETERMINED-


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Becoming a pornstar wasn't what Harry Styles thought of when he dropped out of college. He also didn't think he would meet a reverend's daughter that hated the idea of religion, who wanted nothing more than to be corrupted by him. And most of all Harry had no idea that life slowly rips at the seams when you least expect it. "Harry was searching for faith, while she was desperately trying to forget it ever existed". MATURE THEMES AND A PLOT THAT'S SURE TO MAKE YOU CRY. © 2017, thirteen13blue Cover By: Somethingelse1123


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A compilation of dirty one shots.