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Sunoo, The Matchmaker || ENHYPEN

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Kim Sunoo, the matchmaker apprentice was about to do his final mission to be promoted and be an official Angel but everything messed up after that one night incident.

You're in your bedroom, currently interrogating the unknown guy in front of you.

"You're telling me that YOU'RE a matchmaker and that I have to help YOU find my fated match because you lost your power because of me?!" You said in confusion, still processing the things that he said and the things that just happened the moment you woke up.

"You KISSED ME! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!" Sunoo protested while putting ice pack beside his eyes that you just punched a while ago.

Silence filled the room and both of you just looked at each other.

"I'm calling the cops!" You yelled and ran towards your phone.

"YAH!" Sunoo screamed in frustration and started chasing you.

Will You and Sunoo succeed in finding your fated match?

Author: I'll be working on this after INON
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