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Something Like Love (xxxHolic)

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(XXXHOLIC FANFIC; DomekixWatanuki)

Watanuki and Domeki, Domeki and Watanuki. Put them together and they get along... well... almost. The time spent between these two friends will either bring them closer or push the two away. Maybe everything can be fixed by a wish... or maybe even a witch.


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"Watanuki!" The twins sang, "A customer! You have a customer!" Sitting up, he rubbed his eyes and motioned the girls to leave the room. As they left the shopkeeper stood up, adjusted his robes, and prepared to meet his guest. Once his hand reached for the sliding door, he felt a familiar presence. It was sweet and caring, an aura he hasn't felt for over a century. ENTERED TheAnimeWattys2015 Other Category VOTE ~ March 3rd - April 19th


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A kind, gentle, yet naive princess runs away from her caged up life, hoping to finally experience life beyond the palace walls. However, her freedom is short lived when she stumbles into the hands of four, devilishly handsome, pirates. As their prisoner she is caught up in an adventure of danger, love, and at times comedy, as she battles her own inner conflicts and must keep her true identity a secret. All while the pirates she is being held by become increasingly obsessed with the mysterious girl who appeared on their ship, and begin to develop a seasick sort of love towards her. Though, two men from her past are unwilling to just allow her to escape them. They will stop at nothing to stand by her side again. Follow Princess Alana on her journey! -------------- {* I do NOT own any of the photos or music that appear as references and backgrounds of this story, unless otherwise said.*} -------------- Yandere definition: A fictional character who fits the archetype of being genuinely romantic, loving, kind, merciful, sparing, sweet and gentle, but is at the same time brutal, psychotic or deranged in behavior when it comes to their love interest. Synonyms: possessive, protective, obsessive, jealous. _______________________ REVERSE HAREM Demon spirit Yandere Pirates + TWO other yandere love interests that will remain anonymous for now :) [[ X READER version AVAILABLE]] 🎨🖌COVER ART COMMISSIONED BY : MOONFRIEDART on insta/tiktok ❤️


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You are Tohru Honda's twin sister and will be with her through everything you are both protective over each other and your life changes when you meet new people:) Also Yuki x reader Female reader POV I do not own the story line or any characters this is all just for fun😄 enjoy #1 Kyo 3-20-21 #1 Yuki 7-18-21 #9 Fruitsbasket 3-20-21


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Douwata lovelyness, from fluffy to hot, and all flavors in between! Set after Yuuko-San left and usually a few years after, Tons of OOCness, not meant to be serious, some are in AU (ALOT of plots to this are taken from imagineyourotp on tumblr) (obviously not very well written, don't remind me)


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Indigo. The color of wisdom. It represents great devotion, and justice along with fairness and impartiality. The spiritually of the color entices those with curious minds. Kazumi Tamashi wasn't born blind. After her life fell to shambles, she suddenly had the ability to see spirits. But only spirits. She's completely blind, with the exception of ghosts. Kazumi decides to become a demon slayer, following her mentor. This may surprise others. A blind girl becoming a demon slayer? Despite these doubts, Kazumi pushed through, and achieved her goal. However, she didn't expect to run into a certain boy traveling with a demon so soon into her career.


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Yūko is gone, and Watanuki is left alone. For some years now he's been waiting, granting wishes as Shopkeeper, and, true to his word, never leaving the shop. So, when a mysterious client shows up with a strange and difficult request, he cannot but rely on Dōmeki's help. There's a good chance one of them will pay for it with their memories - or their lives... But there is also a small chance the Fan of Encounters will claim no further victims, instead bringing together two people who were always meant to be. For there is no such thing as coincidence, only inevitability. --------------------------------- Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, set in the world of the anime/ manga xxxHOLiC by CLAMP, roughly in the Rei period (spoilers!). CLAMP own all the main characters, world, and gorgeous art (including image used for cover). I only play. This work is yaoi/BL and may contain mature themes and sexual content that may not be suitable for everyone. Please read responsibly.


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--Rimuru Goes To a Otherworld and becomes a Misfit In A Magic Academy. At The Age 14, Living As The Daughter Of Great Magician, for 10 year's. --"Why do you like me?" The answer he always gets. "Love at First sight!" --This Is The Birth Of The Holy Maiden With Unknown Origin, That Even Took The Attention Of The God's. --How will Rimuru finish his journey where he has to travel all different Realms. How many friends will he make. -Soon will he find out, the world he's in is darker than he thinks. In the mask of light, there is hiding a dark world. Inter-dimentional gods, demon Lords, destined one. --He shall uncover the secret of the world. Alternative Title's: The Highest Dimensional Being Enter's The Otherworld, 異界の至高の存在は神でさえ理解できない何かです, Rimuru 異世界では、, The Power Of The Supreme Is So Strong, Even The Gods Of The Otherworld Are inferior To It. Main Tag's: Overpowered-Protagonist, Monster's, God's, Gender-Swap, Multiple-Isekai'd-individual, isekai, Female-Protagonist, Loved-Protagonist, Unrequited-Love, Protagonist-With-a-Permanent-Partner, Omnipotent-Being's, Sister-Complex, Doting-Parent's, Noble-Life, Demon-Realm, Godly-System, Higher-Dimension's, Lower-Dimension's, Crossover, Crown-Prince, Father's-Love, Mother's-Love, Fiance, Beautiful-Female-Lead, Multiple-Male-Lead's, Demon's, Heaven, Angel's. Note: This Is An Alternative For Rimuru X Black Clover(Crossover) 免責事項 私は権利を持っていません。その時私はスライムとして生まれ変わりました。すべてのクレジットが融合する