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Snow (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader)

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You went to see your favourite ice skater in Russia, but after saving him from crazy fangirls, you unexpectedly become friends.

I'm bad at bios oops

~on hiatus~
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Sorry for not writing that much Various anime characters x chubby reader. Hope you will enjoy lt ;3 None of the art used in this book belongs to me. If so there will be information about it.


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⚠️UNDER REVISION ⚠️ "She's like my little sister I can't think that way of her!"...." "She's too innocent for the world. I want to protect her!..." "She's the skater of my dreams. I can't lose her!..." They all see her differently, but she gives them one feeling they all share... "She sets my heart on fire." Hello! This is my first "x reader" I hope you enjoy it, this all takes place with the anime, and you are the same age as Yurio. This fanfic will have all the characters be attracted to you like a harem, but the main three are going to be Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio Please enjoy<3 I do not own Yuri!!! On Ice or it's characters just my Oc's


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almost all chapters are of male characters, mostly my hero academia and bungou stray dogs.. Most chapters use he/him pronouns for the reader, but I'll write he/they or they/them as well if you'd like. feel free to request but i hope you're comfortable waiting. i also write a lot of author notes. Warning for language and heavy topics like dysphoria and depression, just be careful with any of these. most of them are going to deal with mental health in some way or another so be aware. Am now willing to write smut We reached #1 ranking in #transmale !


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these are some of the requests i can take ill do smut fluff and angst please feel free to request Black butler Ouran highschool host club Yuri on ice My hero Academia Attack on titan Fairy tail Diobolick lovers Beastars Hunter x hunter Bj alex Killing stalking Hazbin hotel Death note Arcane Sk8 the infinity Devilman crybaby Demon slayer Dance with devils Assassination classroom Dramatical murder Marvel enjoy❤ Ps. Non of the art featured in this book is mine all props go to the makers of these wonderful pictures/drawings


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(Y/N) is watching the first episode of Yuri!!! On Ice in her room, home alone. At least she thought she was alone. I'm an okay writer, however this is one of my first stories, so please, no hate <3 also I obvious don't own Yuri!!! On ice, and I obviously don't own the characters, wish I did, but I don't.


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You're 16 and live alone. Your parents travel a lot so they send you money, more then you know what to do with, you have so much free time you decide to take up figure skating. An unexpected meeting is woven into your future.. What should you do ?


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He loved me. I loved him. He left me. I left him. He broke me. I broke him. We both misunderstood. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misunderstood (Yuri Plisetsky x reader)


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(On hold😟) When 15 year old (f/n) (l/n), the top Russian female in ladies singles, has an unfortunate fall during finals, she begins to think her days on the ice are over.... until her coach urges her to do something she's never done competitively. Couples figure skating. (I do not own Yuri on ice nor its characters, that pic, or you ≧ω≦)