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Shoto Todoroki x Reader ~Siren~

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Welcome! This book is a Shoto x Reader, there may be characters that develop a crush on (y/n) because what is a book without some drama! Enjoy! xx

The corridors smelt damp and the industrial lights flickered eerily as the white coat clad scientist walked through the abandoned building. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair wearily, his face was pale and sickly looking, as though the man had never gone outside. He raised a hand carrying a recording device to his mouth and began to relay his findings.

"Data Log 117; The subject has made no interesting movements to date, after ten years of research, it has not made a sound nor has it shown any behaviour other than remaining completely stoic and still. It rarely eats and when it does, there are no abnormalities such as sharp teeth. It seems fairly human and not what I or the other scientists have been told to believe it is. A powerful and dangerous being, a siren. Of course, the quirk it has may be the cause of the accusations. According to the mother, deceased, the subject began to show similar abilities to the mythical being, probably the reasons for the accusations."

The man looked back at the door, white block lettering read out 'Subject Aqua'. He remained silent for a few more minutes, thinking carefully about the subject behind the heavy metal door. In his silence he managed to hear the light singing from behind the door. Beautiful, yet terrifying singing. The man, seemingly in a trance, walked to the roof of the building, his colleagues trying to grab his attention only to be pulled into same trance and follow him.

Enjoy the story you guys! Any comments, votes, messages, even art is completely welcome!
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