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Mafia• he's TOXIC • she's NOT • Alexandra D'Antonio is 19 years old who lives in Italy and knows her worth. Cristiano Valentino is 24 years old and is the mafia heir. What happens when Cristiano is at one of his clubs and he sees Alexandra there? What happens when they cross paths again, but this time it's at a mafia ball?

Alexandra's life is a living hell so what happens when she gets kidnapped by Cristiano and is forced to marry him? How did a sweet girl with a broken soul get involved in this mess?
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Since most people can't get enough of The Del Rosso family... This book is dedicated to one shots/scenarios of them! DM me or leave suggestions in the comments and I'll try my best to make them into chapters! 🫶 (Bonus chapters of their lives after their book)


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Book one to the Romano's Crime Organization Series. (18+) In which a rookie detective, Diamond Lee, ends up in the wrong location at the wrong time and is captured by one of Don Romano, the most powerful and merciless don according to the other seven Sicilian-American criminal familia(s), associates. She is brought to Don Romano by his associate, but things swiftly devolve as he attempts to protect her from the men of several crime organizations who are seeking to harm her. For Detective Lee, the reason remains unsolved to why he spared her life. Their difficult bond begins to shift as Mister Romano desired more than just information from her, resulting in a tangled love affair. His regret intensifies as he learns she is beginning to affect his emotions and his way of working in crime. --- "I kill those who deserve to be killed, doll," ---


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[COMPLETE][EDITING] Ace Hernandez, the Mafia King, known as the Devil. Sofia Diaz, known as an angel. The two are arranged to be married, forced by their fathers, joining the two Mafia's. But Sofia eventually learns, even the devil was once an angel. Cover by @alluringathena *This book is more of a romance book than Mafia book and I hope you enjoyyy*


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"Cassandra look at me" he says. I don't look I feel so guilty he forces me to look at him. "Cassandra it's not your fucking fault and I want you to know it's not don't think that shit it's not your fucking fault nothing is" he says. *-*-*-*-* Cassandra Rossi soon to be leader of the Italian mafia but her parents make her get and arranged marriage with some she doesn't even know everything goes so quickly in her life you won't even know where to start.. Antonio Gonzalez leader of the Spanish Mafia and made a arranged marriage with a woman he fell in love with over just a picture from her family he would do anything for her but he doesn't know if she'll do the same.. Does this arrangement work? What happens if it doesn't?? Read to find out what happens in this crazy story.. #1 in Belleza 10/2/22 #1 in hot 30/3/22 #1 in mature 30/3/22 #2 in Belleza 9/2/22 #3 in alliance 1/5/22 #6 in alliance 1/2/22 #6 in lovestory 30/3/22 #7 in loyalty 30/3/22 #15 in love 30/3/22 #15 in alliance 26/1/22 #18 in loyalty 14/3/22 #23 in alliance 25/1/22 #22 in loyalty 13/3/22 #41 in loyalty 21/2/22 Started: Jan/6/22 Completed:00/00/00


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"Ace I wanna dance" I said pulling his arm so he can get up. "Amor we're on the beach... and there's no music" he laughed. "Here I'll play some,just please dance with meee" I whined with the pout he can't say no too. I grabbed my phone and played Dandelions by Ruth B. "Fine whatever you what" he said softly smiling at me and placing one hand on my waist and me holding the other. I put my head on his chest as we slowly started swaying to the music. I softly sang the song while dancing "I see forever in your eyes,I feel okay when I see you smile" I sang. I took my head off Ace's chest and looked into his eyes. They were glistening from the beautiful moon light hitting them. I stood up on my tippy-toes and placed a soft kiss on his lips. As I was about to pull away he grabbed my face and deepened the kiss. I think I've fallen in love. - Valentina Ferrari is the leader of the Spanish mafia's daughter. She is kind,sweet,but is also badass. She has always been seen has a happy girl but that was not the case. she's always struggled with her body image and self esteem. Her mental health has not been great since her best friend Olivia went missing 2 years ago. She used to be a bubbly happy girl.. but she can't seem to find her old self. Ace Hernandez is the heir of the Italian mafia. He is well known for his ruthless killing ways and cold blooded personality. But behind that mask he is a family oriented big ole teddy bear. Valentina and Ace's family's were very close, but they were not. They hated everything about one another. But what happens when Valentina and Aces fathers force their hands in marriage? will it work, or will it be a complete disaster?


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(ON HOLD) Brielle D'Angelo and Lorenzo Russo have know each other their entire life. Brielle's family is a American Mafia; second most powerful after Lorenzo's family know as the Italian Mafia is the first most powerful. They've known each other their whole lives and loved and hated. Brielle distanced herself from him after she found him with someone, broke her heart after figuring out she had feelings for him. Their arranged marriage gave her a chance for those feelings to open up, but she doesn't want it to recreate old relationships. Brielle- French origin, means "God is my strength." Lorenzo- Latin origin, means "Laurels crown." "I'm in love with you, I've been in love with you since we were 17", he whispered holding my face in his big hands looking down at me, softness in his eyes. { mature content } _____________ STARTED~ November 14, 2021 ENDED~


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Deadly assassins Allegra and Ace have been trying in vain to kill each other for years. With a mutual enemy threatening their mafias, they find themselves in an unexpected alliance, and soon discover killing each other isn't the only temptation they need to resist... ***** Allegra Grey is poised to be the next great American mafia leader, and she's more than living up to the name. A skilled assassin, there's only one target who's ever gotten away from her-suave, sinfully handsome Ace De Luca, heir to the Italian mafia and the Greys' biggest rival. When both mafias are faced with a dangerous threat, they're forced to work together to protect their families, and unexpected sparks fly. Allegra definitely isn't one to sleep with the enemy, especially an arrogant womanizer like Ace. But there's an undeniable electricity between them and Allegra's not sure it's all hatred. Ace may be bad news, but Allegra's never been afraid of a little danger. As the fire they're playing with grows to a scorching blaze, one thing is clear: trying to kill each other may have been difficult, but resisting this intense chemistry will be impossible. [[Word count: 100,000 - 150,000]] Cover designed by Regina Dionela Content/trigger warning: Contains mature themes, violence and gore