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Another dog journey with seven beautiful loyal dogs, and one rebellious owner.
"We'll stay like this forever?!"
"What do you mean?"
"Oh man. This is just wrong."
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~ MOSTLY SMUT 🔞 ~ SOME ANGST & FLUFF ~ A compilation of all the imagines of @/kkookteokki on IG. #1 in btsoneshot #1 in btshoseok #3 in btsimagines #22 in btssmut


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Jimin gets framed and is thrown in jail where he gets roomed with 6 other people. Their group is called BTS.


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SEQUEL TO HIS POSSESSION IN DISCRETION READ BOOK #1 BEFORE ENTERING BOOK #2 Delilah Newman-Russel. Recently turning 19, she's been learning the ropes of her father's business for the last two years and doing her studies online. After knowing his company from the inside-out, she's decided to go back to Highland Bridge Academy for the "prestige," as many people put it. When she was younger, she didn't understand why it is given that name until she goes back and learns the disturbing truth of the matter. Not only will she have to adjust to the school's new order, but she'll also have to face the son of her father's rival, the boy who claimed her as his own the first day he met her. Archer Lockwood. For the past year, he has never stayed in the academy consistently. Constantly being pulled to go overseas or into the office, his schedule was full, and he purposely tried to find things to occupy himself. With the endless resentment from his older brother and neverending expectations to live up to for his father, he did his best to keep his personality stoic though there was one person who could break through his tough exterior.. Delilah. Soon, Delilah's feelings somehow manage to grow stronger for Archer unknowingly. In the midst of lies, betrayal, secrets, they keep their relationship a secret until eventually... all hell breaks lose. Will they be able to regain the trust from one another or should Archer's relationship with Delilah have been kept in discretion? WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT AND EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF CONTROLLING MEN AND A SEMI-SUBMISSIVE FEMALE LEAD, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOU! I REPEAT, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THIS BOOK WITH THE INTENTION OF ALREADY NOT LIKING IT AND LEAVING HATE COMMENTS.


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I scribbled little doodles on my desk as I had my head down. The door slammed shut and I sat up and fixed my hair. He sat next to me since it's his assigned seat. *Sniffs* Gosh his cologne is perfect just like himself. "Hi Harmony." he said. "H-hey...Jimin..." I said. I blushed. Jimin is my friend but I'm not exactly close to him, since he's like the most popular guy at school. He's really sweet, but he's also known as one of the best dancers in his crew. BTS. The group of hotties I should say, they really are something. Every girl would kill to date one of them, but they don't really show affection towards anyone. However they are all so charming and sophisticated, like gentleman. I like how they each carry themselves out, especially Jimin. I know I'm not the only girl at school who has the biggest crush on him, I mean, he's Park Jimin. duh? "Harmony.." he whispered. I looked at him confused, he gave me a note. "Read it after class.." he whispered. I wonder what the note says... ♧NOTE♧ • Please excuse the horrible grammar/spelling errors/poor use of words. This was one of my first fanfics •


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Bangtan Sonyeondan, also known as BTS, are the most feared people in the immortal and human world. Why? They own the most powerful MAFIA and they are the most strongest vampires in bot worlds combined. There lives are more perfect than the word perfect.. On the other hand, Park Jimin, a small petite boy with scars and bruises everywhere on his fragile pale milky skinned body, he lost his mother, and he doesn't know where his sister is. Hes half vampire and demon.. but hes still very weak from all the abuse hes gotten and how much blood hes lost.. What happens when BTS saves the poor boy from his rapist ass father?..


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Kim Taehyung, a cute little bubbly innocent 23 years old guy who doesn't know anything about the outside world but some circumstances happened and it lead him to be personal assistant of CEO Jeon Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook, owner and CEO of two successful and famous company JJK Corp &Ent.,most eligible bachelor of Seoul, known to be heartless,cold and short tempered. what will happen if Jungkook know that his assistant is a little? Read to find out. Includes: •Fluff •Little •Innocent love •Mpreg •Boy×Boy •Kookv •Yoonmin •Namjin •Jhope •Other ships from other groups [Highest rank- #1 bottomtae(270920)] [Highest rank- #1 markson(270920)] [Highest rank- #1 topkook(241120)] [Highest rank- #3 loveatfirstsight(141220)] [Highest rank- #2 loveatfirstsight(191220)] [Highest rank- #1 kookv(100121)] _______ Started: April, 2020 Restarted: June 5,2020 Ended: ongoing


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Join Melo on this wonderful radical DOG journey! With seven beautiful loyal dogs that magically transform into Men.


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『 18+ Only, Mature Content 』 ❝You will not even look at any other man. Fucking him or anyone else is not even an option, Rebecca. Am I clear?❞ He suavely said, his arms caging me between him and the wall. Talk about a rock and a hard place. Literally. A little angry laugh escaped my lips,❝You have no claim over me. I will do whatever I please and with whoever the fuck I want to...❞ I gushed out breathlessly, my hands gripping his shoulders tightly as my legs stayed wrapped around his hips, connecting the two of us together. ❝You are going to regret saying that, kitten.❞ The fire in his emerald green eyes promised me that and his grip on me only seemed to tighten as he pushed himself deep inside me with a very particularly harsh thrust and I already regretted the words that I felt tumble out of my mouth in a frenzied whisper or what rather sounded like a moan, ❝Make me.❞ ▌│█║▌║▌║▌│█║▌║▌║▌║▌║█│▌║▌║▌║█│▌ The last thing on Becca Miller's mind is finding love and the one thing she is good at is being bold and getting exactly what and whoever she wants. Heartless, afraid of commitment and simply bad at love, she is pretty much an advocate for casual sex. One night stands are her forte but once she gets a taste of a very sexy bodyguard, only does she realise what it's like to not getting her way for once and be truly painfully and irrevocably addicted to someone. Karma's a bitch and Becca learns that the hard way. ▫ This is a spin-off based on 'The Billionaire's Stepsister' copyright © 2018 KANYELOVESME All rights reserved.


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In which Jeon Jungkook stumbles upon the very mismatching world of the Royal Family by accident, particularly bratty crown prince Kim Taehyung's. "Holy shit, it's like another dimension here!"


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"Y/N I'm sorry-" "Sorry?! You're sorry?! You're the one person in the world that I trusted not to do something like this to me! You're the person I trusted the most! I've had no one! I've had nothing! Why of all things did you decide to do this to me?! For once in my life I gain something I care about, many things I care about, then you turn around and try to take them away! Why?! Why?! WHY?!" "I didn't mean to do it!" ".....You didn't...mean to...Don't say know what..." Turning your body away from the person you once knew your eyes fall to the cracked concrete under your feet as your knees weaken from the confrontation and your body suddenly weighs down with exhaustion, shakiness clutching your larynx into nothing but a small fragile whisper. "...I...I never want to see you again..." Book 2 of +Positive+ ReaderxJimin Fanfiction All Credits for original Cover Photo go to BTS and BIGHIT Entertainment