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Beaconfall (Rwbyx m pilot reader)

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After the disaster of the paladins Iornwood invests more time to his latest project. Titanfall.
Titanfall belongs to EA and respawn entertainment
RWBY belongs to rooster teeth
you belong to you (Hopefully)
Getting rewritten in another book!!
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a boy abandoned by his family when he was young he finds something on remnet that will change his life forever. before i go on titanfall is owned by respawn entertainment and ea RWBY is owned by rooster teeth i think that's good maybe i don't know credit goes to respective owners


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(Y/N) (L/N), A.K.A. Grave, is an Ex-Mercenary who is now working for the Militia, along side his uncle Jack Cooper and (Best Bro Titan) BT 7274. They are currently on the planet Teras where the second fold weapon is now in the making, and they plan to destroy it. This may be one of his greatest fight to avenge his friends, teammates, his mercenary group, his planet, and his mother. (Y/N) and his Titan, Savage, managed to breach the facility and is now faced with the Fold weapon's core. The core overloaded and exploded. (Y/N) thought that he was already dead....until he heard people poking on his Titan's hull. RWBY belongs to Rooster teeth TITANFALL Belongs to Respawn entertainment Pictures belong to their rightful owners Story plot belongs to me.


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You are Y/n Schnee, you are the older brother to Weiss and the younger brother to Winter, your 'father' and 'mother' never really paid attention to you, the only ones that did was your sisters Winter and Weiss and your brother Whitley, one day when you turned 12 you saw a ad for kids over 10 who want to sign up now to become stronger and fight terrorist in the future, you decide why not and left the house did the sign up and left, 2 weeks later you got a letter and in the letter was an approval in the military. Call of Duty is owned by Activision RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth


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You were in the Forest when you accidentally attacked a woman in red.That's when your life changed forever.


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You crash-landed on an unknown planet, you are unable to find any information. You maintained your Neural link with your titan, Rosie. She is an Ion titan, and also your best friend.


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Abandoned by your family at the age of 2, the Belladonna's found you and raised you. Then came the White Fang. It was the place you grew up in, with two other individuals, Blake and Adam. You spent most of your time, thinking of what you were doing was right. But that soon changed, by the help of Blake. You both left the white fang and headed into Vale, to do your own things, but get separated, where you cross upon the house in the woods. You soon reunite, with her in....Beacon Academy. Where you capture the heart of her and several other girls while going on a serious adventure. On that adventure, you'll meet new people, and, reunite with the people that left you.... I dont own RWBY, rooster teeth does


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After being betrayed by Blake on the train, her younger brother Y/N was taken prisoner by Atlas. Experimented on by a mad doctor, he becomes the first ever human/Faunus to survive the Aura/Dust Integration Experiment, which earns him the revolutionary moniker of The White Fangs Sword. Two years later, he reunites with Blake at the shipping dock and his story begins to get a lot more convoluted. What will happen when he finds himself captured at Beacon after another betrayal and how will he escape?!


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Y/N L/N is just an average everyday kid who enjoys life. Of course watching anime and gaming around is another favourite hobby of him as well as collecting them and also being an edge-lord. One fateful day, the most cliche event happened as he was killed by a truck and sent to the afterlife where another world waited. Let's see what will happen to our protagonist. (I OWN NOTHING BUT THIS FANFIC AND SOLO LEVELING DEFINITELY DOESN'T BELONG TO ME)


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Y/N is paralyzed due to a mission. What happens when the girls of Beacon Academy show him love when there is none shown to him? Will they be able to move him out of his comfort zone? Requested by Brave_Vesperia I don't own anything plot!