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A New Family

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Peter Parker. Age 16, Sophomore. Straight A's. Spiderman.
Sounds amazing, right?
Unfortunately, things aren't as good as you may think.
His family is gone. He's alone.
Suddenly a wrong number text makes his night better.
He meets some new funny people.
But even they can't help him forget that his family is gone.
Will Peter ever find a new family to care for him?
Read to find out!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except for any I create. I only own the storyline and characters I create.
Cover art is not mine, I found it on Pinterest and added the words.

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#1 in scottlang - 10/24/22
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One night Peter got hurt after patrol. He tried to text Ned for help but what happens when it was in fact a fellow spider? The two continue to text and despite his crappy home life (sorry aunt may fans) things get better for Peter Parker. No update schedule, sorry CHARACTERS ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT MINE, THEY BELONG TO MARVEL


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Peter Parker never had an easy life, but he put up a front as a happy kid. After the death of his aunt all his secrets come out. Tony Stark takes Peter in will the Avengers be able to save Peter from himself? T•W This story contains heavy topics such as Depression suicide ,anxiety and self harm. If these topics are triggering to you do not read it. These characters belong to marvel i only own the plot.


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•Tony Angst •Mama Spider •Trans Peter •Spideychelle •Peter and Harley Stark •IronStrange •Super Powered Tony •Natasha Romanoff angst •lots of Peter angst Some plot ideas come from @thatonekidwhowrites


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After Peter had been bitten by a spider and the death of his Uncle Ben, Peter became Spider-man. Living with his Aunt May, going to high school as a sophomore and at night saving the people of Queens from Robberies, Kidnappings and some of Spider-mans enemies. One day Peter comes home to see his Aunt May shot and killed just like his Uncle Ben. Peter was then taken to an Orphanage where he was neglected by the care takers only a few kids try to help him make it through his time in the Orphanage. But sadly over the time of three months Peter slowly stopped talking, the schools therapist that was in charged of helping Peter to talk again. Tony and Pepper are wanting to adopt a kid thinking that having a kid will help keep the other's from having another 'Civil war' issue. So that is what they did, going to the closest Orphanage in Queens. When they first lay their eyes on Peter they knew that he was special and that he was the one. Everything was going great but all good things must come to an end. Will Peter make it out of his depressed state or will he be forever lost in his depression. I do not own anything except for the story plot and my Oc. All rights belong to their rightful owners. might change it to Mature later on into the story just in case. Book 1


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"??? You broke your phone hitting a building?! Peter The building was in my way! It hit me!" Peter texts Ned.... except it's not Ned. Instead it's Tony, and chaos soon ensues. Looking for weird names, random texts, everyone acting like small children (and also going out of their way to annoy Tony(in a loving way)), Minecraft, and absolute chaos? Then this is for you! @ShyCourage is writing this with me.


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Sooooooo I'm really sorry but May is dead, much like everyone else in Peter's family. In this he used to have siblings but they were killed by his father... um Idk why it just makes things more interesting. He's also a secret agent for an agency similar to SHIELD, ummm he's lost a shit load of people. This was supposed to be a oneshot on my oneshot book but like I'm choosing to make it into a whole fic so yeahh. I changed some things, but ya know this is fanfiction, anything can happen. Anygays, Peter is kinda like a rebellious teen in this, it's the Tom Holland SM but he skates like the Andrew Garfield SM. ... bruh I'm so bad at descriptions... ENJOY!!!! 😁 First Published: 09/03/21 | Finished: //


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These are mainly fieldtrip oneshots but I will probably do others too 🥇 in Spideytorch (22 April 2021)(10 May 2021)(11 June 2021) 🥇in Peterromanoff (10 May 2021) 🥇in Cindymoon (11 May 2021) 🥇in Ironlad (11 June 2021) 🥇In lilabarton (9 August 2021) (16 January 2022) 🥇in peterbarnes (16 January 2022)(17 March 2022) I do not own the characters unless i say so I do not own the cover


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14 year old Peter Parker's had nothing but bad luck, he's been homeless for 6 years. But things start to look up when he gets a wrong number text. The descriptions bad, but please give the story a chance. :) I don't own any of the characters, just my writing!